General Volunteer Information

Volunteer with us

Each year, hundreds of HealthServe volunteers impact the lives of thousands of migrant workers.

In turn, our volunteers’ lives are impacted.

Together with our staff, our volunteers work tirelessly to keep our organisation running. HealthServe volunteers come from all walks of life – from doctors to lawyers, housewives to students.

If you are interested in being a volunteer we invite you to come for HealthServe’s interest night to find out more or if you are ready to get involved please submit your details via our Volunteer Application form found below.

We are looking for volunteers who are:

“Healthserve’s key difference from other charity work I have done before is that they encourage volunteers to build healthy relationships with the migrant workers by taking the time to find out more about them – their backgrounds, their stories, their families. I believe that it is this aspect of Healthserve that gives the migrant workers their sense of pride and dignity. ”

— Amy, Stay at home mom, Volunteer since 2017

We have 3 types of Volunteering roles at HealthServe:

Regular Roles

Roles to help maintain HealthServe’s weekly operations to meet the needs of hundreds of migrant workers in our clinics and centres.

Able to commit a minimum of once a month for 2 hours or more (1 clinic session/1 counselling session) for the next 6 months.

Opportunities for Regular roles are currently found in our Clinics and with our Casework and Social Services department.

Please browse through the roles below and apply through our Volunteer Application form.

e.g. Doctors in our clinics, Administrative Assistant in our Finance dept, Casework volunteer…etc

Ad-Hoc Opportunities

Random, one off, sometimes labour or administrative intensive tasks ranging from as short as 2 hours to one day.

Looking for people who are available and have the relevant skills to complete the task given.

Opportunities for this can be found on HealthServe’s internal workplace platform, posted on our Facebook or through email.

Please fill out the Volunteer Application form with all your skill sets and availability.

e.g. Stock taking, translation, event ushering, cleaning, helping move items, painting..etc

Application Checklist

  • I have read through all the information below on Volunteer requirements and availability and will be applying only for available roles according to my capabilities and experience.

  • I have 5-7 minutes to fill out this form

  • I have my health professional registration details with me.

  • I am applying to volunteer as a Nurse and have ready a document with academic/professional qualifications (in pdf/jpg/png format) labelled in the following format: NAME-TYPE OF EXPERIENCE- YEAR e.g. alice-nursingdegree-2009, alice-nursinglicense-2011

  • I am submitting this form as a Individual.

  • I have filled out the Parental Consent form if I am 18 years old and below

**Please note that if you do not meet the requirements for the role you’ve applied for or have not filled in all the information required you will be automatically rejected and invited to reapply for a more suited role or to submit all the required information.

We encourage you to read through all the role requirements below first before applying to a specific Volunteer role and checking if you meet our eligibility criteria.

“We’ve loved building a community that breaks down social barriers and encourages interaction between locals and foreigners here.”

— Dylan and Steph, Software Engineering & Public Service, Volunteers from 2016-2018

1. Submit your Volunteer Application form

Please look through the types of volunteering roles we have available and apply through the Volunteer Application form. We only accept applications through the form which should take you not more than 10 minutes to complete. All volunteers are required let us know why they would want to volunteer with HealthServe under ‘Volunteer Cover Letter’ in order to help facilitate processing your application.

We highly recommend going for a HealthServe interest night before you apply to be a Volunteer.

Sometimes your application may be delayed if details submitted cannot be verified or we need further information.

2. Volunteer Confirmation

If your application has been accepted to be a volunteer in any of our regular/ad-hoc/special projects role you will be sent an email confirmation with the relevant starter packs and training information. All new volunteers must bring identification documents on their first day of volunteering.

Please read and watch in detail all the information shared in the confirmation email to equip yourself before you start volunteering with us for the first time. This is a requirement for all volunteers.

3. Stay Connected, Keep Updated.

Complete your volunteering onboarding by signing up for our internal community platform to join relevant volunteer groups, keep updated on important and relevant news, stories and events happening in the community and share your volunteer journey with others!

You’ll be eligible to attend HealthServe volunteer only training, appreciation events and activities!

“I am grateful to HealthServe for providing me with a safe space and a relationship-building community. When i first started volunteering I thought to myself, “These brothers don’t look injured! As i got to know them, sometimes through interviewing and registering them for Food Projects, i got to know injuries, unnoticed to the unobservant eye (back spinal pain, loss of fingers, eyesight etc).” Their resilence with injuries and salary disputes and ability to live in a city is something we can all learn from.”

— Jeanne, Mother of Four, Volunteer since 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have a specific dress code but we do encourage volunteers to dress appropriately and modestly as we are a mixed community of cultures. Please try to refrain from bearing too much of your mid-rift, wearing short shorts and spaghetti straps.

Yes, clinic assistants do not need to be medically trained or qualified to serve in our clinics.

Volunteers need to be a minimum age of 18 years and older to volunteer with us in our clinics. We allow parents to bring in their children under 18 as visitors however prior written permission from the clinic manager needs to be given and our visitor guidelines apply.

There are currently no regular volunteering roles available for those under the age of 18 which means that currently minors are not allowed to volunteer in our clinics. However, ad-hoc and special project opportunities are available. You will need to submit our Parental consent form attached with our Volunteer Application form and HealthServe will follow up with your school/parent/guardian before you can start volunteering.

Timings vary depending on your role but clinic volunteers usually serve after office hours for about 2-3 hours or during the afternoons on the weekends. More information found on the Regular Volunteering Page. Counsellors should be available during weekday office hours. For Ad-hoc volunteers the timing varies depending on the task/project.

Our Geylang and Mandai clinics run on Saturday and on Sunday our Jalan Papan (Jurong) clinic runs in the afternoon till late evening. Volunteers are expected to commit at least 2 hours each session.

Healthserve works on a relational framework where we encourage you to build friendships with them first and through that friendship you may ask them for permission. Photos should only be taken with consent from both parties.