Medical & Dental Services

Healthcare is the heartbeat of HealthServe. Each year, thousands of migrant workers walk through our clinic doors. Our community medical and dental clinic is located in Geylang.

Our clinics offer subsidized health services to migrant workers with inadequate health assistance. We charge a flat fee of $8 at our GP clinics and $15 for dental services for both consultation and medication. However, fees are waived for migrant workers who are Special Pass holders or those who have been referred by other partner NGOs.

On top of providing low wage migrant workers access to affordable medical and dental care, we also offer bi-weekly specialist orthopaedic, dermatology and rehabilitation consultations in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, chronic disease management and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

medical & dental services

2021 Impact Summary

Chronic disease consultations


Acute consultations


Dental consultations


Specialist consultations


Occupational and Physiotherapy sessions


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