Meticulous Mei Yi

Mei Yi found out about HealthServe through one of her Facebook feeds, where she learnt about HealthServe’s mission and the services provided for the migrant workers in need. As a Life Science graduate, she particularly likes Biomedical Sciences and is interested in volunteering in the clinics at HealthServe. She signed up in late 2016, and […]

Earnest Evon, our Volunteer Archivist

“I think this is where I see humanity at its best, people willing to reach out.”  This is what motivates Evon to keep volunteering at HealthServe. Besides food project and shelter, she feels that HealthServe stands apart from other migrant worker service providers due to our medical services. In witnessing the help we try to […]

Kind Keefe, our Volunteer GP

Dr Keefe has been volunteering at HealthServe for a year as a General Practitioner. He wants to contribute in areas that are underserved, and he believes in giving back to the migrant worker community, who has played a huge role in building the infrastructure in Singapore. Unlike the usual cough and colds that most white-collar […]

Jovial Joshua, our Volunteer GP

Dr Joshua joined HealthServe 7 years ago when he was still a medical student. He started off his volunteering journey as a clinic assistant who carries out administrative work such as registration or packing medication, and he is now a GP doctor that gives medical care to the migrant workers.  When asked to share a […]

Active Adriel, our Volunteer Doctor

Since 2015, Dr Adriel has been volunteering at HealthServe as a doctor. During those days, she recalled that the organisation worked in smaller premises. Over time, she has witnessed HealthServe grow to serve a much larger proportion of the migrant worker community and become more successful in its outreach to the public.  Dr Adriel volunteers […]

Hopeful Habibbullah, our Volunteer Translator

Joining us as a volunteer at Tai Seng Centre back in 2015, yesterday was Habibbullah’s first day volunteering as a translator in our Geylang Clinic. Since young, he realised that many of his relatives would consult his father whenever they encountered a problem. Inspired by his father’s helpful nature, he is motivated to carry on […]

Life in a Bin Centre

When I first met Akash* a few months ago, I couldn’t help but spy a slightly tarnished ring on his finger and a worn-out Blackberry in his hand. Before I could ask him how he had acquired these items, he cheerily announced that he had picked them up from the rubbish bins at the bin […]

Burn Victim’s Road to Recovery

The night before Chun Ming left for China, he packed only one set of clothes. The rest of his luggage was filled with music books, muffin trays, filters and coffee powder. In 2011, the 19-year-old from Henan province, China came to Singapore to work as a kitchen helper in a restaurant in Little India. He […]

The Window

I was brought up in a rural area in Southern Taiwan. When I was in senior high school, Philippine migrant workers were the first foreigners to find work in Taiwan. My classmates and I were always keen to “spot” a migrant worker so that we could practise our English with him. For us, migrant workers […]

Humility Through Art

I have facilitated creative art classes for youth and young women, but never for a group of middle-aged men, specifically Chinese migrant workers, most of whom are now jobless because of a work injury or a salary dispute. The men were reluctant to draw initially, citing reasons like they’ve not held a colour pencil since […]