Positive Changes through a New Community

Many migrant workers base their decisions to work in Singapore on recruitment advertisements that they chance upon in their hometown in the form of physical posters. Unlike others, Ying Bin heard of the opportunity to work in Singapore from the radio. Deciding that he needs an improved livelihood to support his wife and 2 sons better, he arrived at this foreign land 6 years ago. 

Unfortunately for Ying Bin, his employer manipulated/exploited the situation when he sustained a work injury (back in February 2018), including refusing to help in his application for MC wages, which eventually also complicated the process of his work injury compensation claim. 

On the bright side, meeting a casework staff from HealthServe eased some of his burdens, and even brought positive changes to his temperament. Apart from being a frequent benefactor of HealthServe’s food project and MRT top up program, Ying Bin was also accompanied by staff to the hospital and received advice on his case as well.

Knowing Christ through HealthServe (An introduction to Christ during the period of time where he got injured) instilled positive changes in his personality and outlook. Here, many friendships were forged for Ying Bin – with the rest of the Chinese community of injured migrant workers as well as the staff and interns from HealthServe.

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Inspired by the stories? You can play a part too!
Inspired by the stories? You can play a part too!
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