Enthusiastic Eunice, our Volunteer Clinic Assistant

“They [migrant brothers] are also people, they are humans too, if you are willing to know them, they have many interesting stories to share, and their country is not as backward as you think.” 

Eunice started her journey in HealthServe with the registrations of the migrant brothers and currently volunteers as a clinic assistant. She graduated with a diploma in engineering and worked as an engineer for years, but was often placed in charge of manning the telephone console. It was then that she pondered about embarking on things that she enjoyed, such as hands on task that made more sense to her than her job. Through a portal that matched volunteers with an organization of their preference, she started volunteering at a community hospital and subsequently HealthServe in 2015.

She shares that through her volunteering journey she has a lot to takeaway, such as her expanding knowledge of medications and from her regular volunteering sessions with the dentist. Eunice hopes to be able to tap on her knowledge gained from HealthServe and put them to good use when she goes on mission trips with her church. 

Over the years, Eunice has forged unforgettable friendships with the migrant brothers and fellow volunteers that she has crossed paths with. She broke into a smile as she reminisces an invitation from the China migrant brothers who were intending to have a “dumplings cook up” after a volunteering session. With a chuckle, she shared that they were the best dumplings she had tasted. “They taught me how to make guo tie [Chinese dumplings] at the HealthServe office!” 

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Inspired by the stories? You can play a part too!
Inspired by the stories? You can play a part too!
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