Casework & Social Services

Casework Support

HealthServe provides casework support to migrant workers with work injury claims and legal, criminal or employment-related issues. Each year, we assist on hundreds of cases.

Our caseworkers follow up on each case closely, even accompanying workers to the hospital for their checkups and medical assessments. With the help of the Ministry of Manpower, hospitals, pro bono lawyers and other community organisations, we are working towards creating a Singapore where everyone is treated fairly.


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Social Services

For many workers, the waiting period for work injury compensation or dispute resolution may last several months to more than a year. During this period, workers on Special Passes are not allowed to work and receive no income.

It can be difficult for them to afford daily necessities such as food and lodging. To meet these needs, HealthServe offers a variety of social assistance programmes to these unemployed migrant workers, including free meals, subsidised transport and an emergency fund.


Outreach & Engagement

We aim to build a community where migrant workers feel accepted and supported. We partner with community organizations, corporations, and churches to host community events for our migrant workers. From outings to a fun and meaningful celebration of Father’s Day or festivals such as Deepavali, these events never fail to put a smile on the workers’ faces.

We also continue to reach out to migrant workers in their dormitories to befriend them, provide essential goods and inform them of their rights and the resources available to them.


2021 Impact Summary

Cases of social assistance rendered (in meals, groceries, phone and transport top-ups)


Cases supported


Financial assistance disbursed (in cash/kind)


Workers engaged through outreach events


Workers engaged through health screenings


Care packs distributed to workers under quarantine


Social assistance disbursed (in care packs)


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