The Different Hats We Wear ft. Kylie

“At the gates of heaven, they’ll ask me, ‘What did you do with your life?’” For years, Kylie worked in the finance and project management sectors in Australia and New Zealand. She was good at her job and it paid well, but the question above always lingered at the back of her mind.  “I didn’t […]

The Different Hats We Wear ft. Lavanya

What would you do if your plans got disrupted by COVID-19? To 24-year-old Lavanya, a fifth-year medical student based in China when the virus first struck, the answer soon became clear. She packed her bags and returned home to Singapore in January 2020 at the height of China’s battle with COVID-19. With classes shifted online, […]

Adelene, our volunteer Occupational Therapist

“We don’t have to meet very big needs… sometimes, just [meeting their] basic needs can help them.” Twice a month, occupational therapist Adelene comes down to our office in Geylang to help our migrant friends heal from their injuries. She started volunteering with us over a year ago in 2019, hoping to use her skills […]

Integrative Imtiaz, our Volunteer Translator

Imtiaz is a volunteer translator in HealthServe since a year ago. Born in Bangladesh, he spent 25 years growing up and studying there before coming to Singapore for further education and work. He describes his encounter with HealthServe as one that is fortuitous. One day on the street he met a man who approached him […]

Jolly Joseph, our Volunteer Physiotherapist

Volunteering at Healthserve’s Clinic in Mandai, Mr Joseph Wong has volunteered under his church’s initiative to helm the medical centre there since the beginning of 2017. As a physiotherapist, he typically treats people who are in pain or have some form of physical disability, usually following an injury, surgery or disease or from degenerative conditions […]

Patient Pei Jun

Pei Jun first heard about HealthServe in late 2016 through a church member who volunteers as a doctor, and ever since then, she has never looked back. As a nurse, Pei Jun helps with the dispensing of medications and ensures that the patients understand the dosage and possible side effects of them. She also gives […]

Cheery Cheryl, our Volunteer Dentist

Dr Cheryl is currently volunteering as a dentist in HealthServe. She first heard about HealthServe through her classmate in dental school. Finding volunteering a meaningful way of serving the migrant community and gaining more insights into the inner-workings of a clinic, Dr Cheryl began volunteering in HealthServe in 2016. She mainly helped with administrative work […]

Enthusiastic Eunice, our Volunteer Clinic Assistant

“They [migrant brothers] are also people, they are humans too, if you are willing to know them, they have many interesting stories to share, and their country is not as backward as you think.”  Eunice started her journey in HealthServe with the registrations of the migrant brothers and currently volunteers as a clinic assistant. She […]

Dr Hamid, our Volunteer Orthopaedic

Dr Hamid is currently one of the doctors helping out at the HealthServe clinics. During his training years as an Orthopaedic Surgeon, his colleague told him that the clinics in HealthServe see many migrant workers with musculoskeletal problems. Realising that this group of migrant workers were an underserved population that needed help, he began volunteering […]

Curious Candy, our Volunteer Dentist

Dr Candy is one of the few dentists who volunteer regularly at our clinics. A little more than a year ago, Dr Candy’s interest in HealthServe was sparked when her friend introduced and she saw the increasing demand for dental services in the migrant worker community.  She finds communication to be the most interesting part […]

Bold Brandon, the Volunteer Pharmacist

We met Brandon on a bustling Tuesday evening at HealthServe’s Geylang Clinic while he was busy sorting out the medications, preparing for the hectic night ahead of him. Brandon first heard about HealthServe through a friend who was a staff in HealthServe, and since then it has been more than a decade. He started off […]

Easygoing Elroy, our Volunteer GP

Starting here over 10 years ago, Dr Elroy is one of HealthServe’s longest volunteers. It was his church friend who introduced him to Dr Goh Wei Leong, the founder of HealthServe. Since then, he began volunteering at HealthServe consistently. During those days, he mainly helped out with administrative work, but now he provides medical services […]

Meticulous Mei Yi

Mei Yi found out about HealthServe through one of her Facebook feeds, where she learnt about HealthServe’s mission and the services provided for the migrant workers in need. As a Life Science graduate, she particularly likes Biomedical Sciences and is interested in volunteering in the clinics at HealthServe. She signed up in late 2016, and […]

Earnest Evon, our Volunteer Archivist

“I think this is where I see humanity at its best, people willing to reach out.”  This is what motivates Evon to keep volunteering at HealthServe. Besides food project and shelter, she feels that HealthServe stands apart from other migrant worker service providers due to our medical services. In witnessing the help we try to […]

Kind Keefe, our Volunteer GP

Dr Keefe has been volunteering at HealthServe for a year as a General Practitioner. He wants to contribute in areas that are underserved, and he believes in giving back to the migrant worker community, who has played a huge role in building the infrastructure in Singapore. Unlike the usual cough and colds that most white-collar […]