Hopes of a Hero

Malek has been working in Singapore for almost ten years. Malek started coming to HealthServe at the beginning of this year when he was facing gastric problems. His friends had strongly recommended the affordable healthcare services that HealthServe offers, and since then, Malek has been coming here whenever he faces any medical issues. This was […]

Resilience Through Adversity

“It felt like my life was falling apart.” “But everything is in control now,” shared Shah*. Like many migrant workers, Shah first came to Singapore to work in hopes of providing a better life for his family of six back in Bangladesh. Soon after he started work in 2007, a string of unfortunate events hit. […]

The Different Hats We Wear ft. Dhinesh

Dhinesh first reached out to HealthServe for assistance when he was unemployed.  He visited HealthServe to undergo medical check-ups, and that was when he was diagnosed with hematuria (blood in the urine).  “HealthServe has been really helpful to me, especially with my medical expenses and issues,” Dhinesh shared. Dhinesh works in a factory that sharpens […]

The Different Hats We Wear ft. Ahemad Monsur

When most of us have called it a day, Ahemad’s shift begins. At 8pm daily, he clocks into Changi Airport Terminal 2 for his 10-hour work shift. As part of the renovation team giving the terminal a facelift, his job scope consists mostly of demolition work. At the break of dawn, he returns to his […]

The Different Hats We Wear ft. Ali Jamat

The skyscrapers that surround us; the condominiums that some of us call home; the MRT stations that we pass through everyday – these are just some structures that Ali has supported in constructing as an excavator operator in Singapore over the years. Working a daily 10-hour shift that begins at 6am, his key responsibilities involve […]

Heroes of Our Time: Mr Pu

“应该是和平共生,和平相处,没有谁歧视谁” (‘There is no need for discrimination, we should live together peacefully and work together’ in English), Mr Pu explains that while he has not personally experienced any discrimination in Singapore, he has seen negative comments about migrant workers online about how they are stealing jobs away from locals. Mr Pu came to Singapore in […]

Heroes of Our Time: Mr Tamil

“When drawing, lonely or not also no issue, times passes with a snap of the finger” In early 2020, Tamil, a young indian from Tamilnadu began to find his daily routine of working and sleeping very boring. He bought a sketchbook to start drawing in his free time as he remembered enjoying it when he […]

Seeking Affordable Healthcare

“I was very upset” recalls Rona, when he had to choose between paying for dental treatment and sending money back home to his family in April this year. He visited the dentist before dormitories went into lockdown this year. Rona was told that treatment for this toothache will cost $200-$300 and says he was on […]

Intervention to help with H’s ear discomfort

After experiencing discomfort in his left ear in April 2020, H* sought treatment at an external clinic. However, the pain recurred in August and that was when he came to HealthServe’s Geylang clinic on a friend’s recommendation. His condition affected his hearing and also caused pain when he was exposed to loud sounds. Working in […]

Mr Congeniality

With an amicable face that is more often than not lit up with a smile, A* has been dubbed “Mr Congeniality” by some members of the HealthServe team. After hearing about HealthServe’s clinic from a friend after experiencing gastric pain, A* visited our Geylang clinic in April 2020. Subsequently, he has been at our clinic […]

Getting better with help and support

X* was in Singapore for just slightly over a year, but his journey hasn’t been easy by any means. Shortly after arriving in Singapore in July 2019, he tells us he sustained a serious injury after falling from the back of a moving vehicle while working in the waste management sector. He struck his head […]

Zakir’s refreshing experience in Singapore

From June to September, HealthServe met more than 3000 migrant workers through our weekly cruise ship engagements. Our team had the chance to connect and learn about their stories and time in Singapore so far. Here’s Zakir’s story so far, we hope that more of our migrant friends can feel safe and welcome in Singapore […]

Leaving with a heavy heart and newfound hope

A few days ago we bid farewell to GL, an easy-going, amicable Chinese brother from Yangzhou, Jiangsu. Before leaving, GL generously bought snacks and drinks for the staff and the migrant brothers and sisters at the Geylang drop-in centre, many of whom address him affectionately as “大哥” (big brother). We saw him off together with […]

One phone call away, miles apart

“手机不能用,又没法出去,能不急吗?” (“I can’t use my phone nor go out — how can I not worry?”) Frustratingly, Wang’s employer was largely unresponsive. As a result, Wang was unable to secure a swab test before his flight, a necessary prerequisite for him to board the plane, and had not received his promised salary since April.  Distressed and […]

HealthServe’s Rental Aid Programme

Ali* was introduced to HealthServe by his friend and is currently receiving assistance from HealthServe. He is a Special Pass holder receiving aid from our food & rental program. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Ali* worked in the Construction sector. He came to Singapore about 10 years ago, after hearing many good things about work opportunities […]