Easygoing Elroy, our Volunteer GP

Starting here over 10 years ago, Dr Elroy is one of HealthServe’s longest volunteers. It was his church friend who introduced him to Dr Goh Wei Leong, the founder of HealthServe. Since then, he began volunteering at HealthServe consistently. During those days, he mainly helped out with administrative work, but now he provides medical services […]

Making his Heart full again

Every year, we serve up to ten thousand migrant brothers in our three clinics. These migrant brothers mainly come from the construction sector in Singapore. Earning an average of $18 to $25 a day, many migrant brothers struggle to pay off the debts they incurred when paying their agents, send remittances home, and make ends […]

Kind Keefe, our Volunteer GP

Dr Keefe has been volunteering at HealthServe for a year as a General Practitioner. He wants to contribute in areas that are underserved, and he believes in giving back to the migrant worker community, who has played a huge role in building the infrastructure in Singapore. Unlike the usual cough and colds that most white-collar […]

Jovial Joshua, our Volunteer GP

Dr Joshua joined HealthServe 7 years ago when he was still a medical student. He started off his volunteering journey as a clinic assistant who carries out administrative work such as registration or packing medication, and he is now a GP doctor that gives medical care to the migrant workers.  When asked to share a […]

Active Adriel, our Volunteer Doctor

Since 2015, Dr Adriel has been volunteering at HealthServe as a doctor. During those days, she recalled that the organisation worked in smaller premises. Over time, she has witnessed HealthServe grow to serve a much larger proportion of the migrant worker community and become more successful in its outreach to the public.  Dr Adriel volunteers […]

Hopeful Habibbullah, our Volunteer Translator

Joining us as a volunteer at Tai Seng Centre back in 2015, yesterday was Habibbullah’s first day volunteering as a translator in our Geylang Clinic. Since young, he realised that many of his relatives would consult his father whenever they encountered a problem. Inspired by his father’s helpful nature, he is motivated to carry on […]

Leaving with Many New Friends

JF hails from Yantai, a city in Shandong province. Leaving behind his parents, wife and two children, he came to Singapore to work in the wood industry in May 2017. In September 2018, he sawed part of his leg by accident during work. He fainted on the spot and was sent to the hospital for […]

More Than Broken Bones

At HealthServe’s Geylang office, it is a common sight to see men, primarily construction workers, on crutches, awkwardly navigating their way through our cramped office. We see arms in slings, fingers deformed, scars that tattoo the skin long after stitches have been removed. There are also many ‘invisible’ injuries – necks, shoulders, legs and backs […]