The Solidarity Marathon

The Solidarity Marathon, founded by four like-minded individuals and cross country enthusiasts, Yew Chong, Charles, Rajesh and Jon. They strived to raise funds for HealthServe by pushing their limits and pledging for a virtual run spanning a distance of more than 670km. In an interview with the founders, Charles, a medical student, and Neo, an […]

3 lil bears

“It sounds cheesy but HealthServe has really impacted me and changed my life– not only the [migrant] brothers’ life stories, the camaraderie they share, their willingness to help, but also the spirit of the HealthServe leaders, staff, interns and volunteers.” – Tammy, a 20 year old intern, volunteer and donor at HealthServe Growing up, Tammy […]

Sabyarts – a HealthServe Supporter

“Migrant workers are looked at as disposable labour, when they are all human beings like us and have their own families to care for”, says Sabrina, founder of Sabyarts – home to comic art and illustrations. Sabrina is a young 23-year-old donor here at HealthServe, who has donated a total of $250 to support our […]