Intervention to help with H’s ear discomfort

After experiencing discomfort in his left ear in April 2020, H* sought treatment at an external clinic. However, the pain recurred in August and that was when he came to HealthServe’s Geylang clinic on a friend’s recommendation.

His condition affected his hearing and also caused pain when he was exposed to loud sounds. Working in a noisy aluminium factory, he had to stop working for a period of time because of the pain. 

At HealthServe’s clinic, he was given a referral to see an external ENT specialist at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, where he was diagnosed with cholesteatoma, a skin growth that occurs behind the eardrum in his left ear. We accompanied him to his specialist appointment and are very thankful that his consultation fee was waived. 

H* was advised to undergo a surgical procedure called a mastoidectomy to remove the growth in his ear. However, this would cost him upwards of $10,000 if he were to do it in Singapore, a cost that he tells us his employer could not cover. Currently, his best bet is to get his surgery done back home in Bangladesh for a lower price; yet, the ongoing pandemic is not making this easy. To date, H* remains in limbo, awaiting an opportunity to go home and treat his condition once and for all.

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