Leaving Singapore in hopes to return again

Azad (middle) saying goodbye to Peterson, a HealthServe staff member (right) and a friend (left) at the airport

AS arrived in Singapore in April 2019, with the same hopes as many other migrant brothers – to better provide for his family. 

However in his time as a construction worker here, he claims that his employer borrowed $1,000 from him on two different occasions, stating that the company needed his money to settle work permit issues. His employer also withheld his full salary from him, and promised higher pay when the company gets money from other projects. 

AS borrowed money from others in other to lend his employer the money, hoping to earn it back when they started work again. When he and two friends did not get their money back, he came to HealthServe to seek help.

Thankfully with HealthServe’s intervention communicating with MOM and TADM, his employer was eventually fined and AS and his friends were compensated. 

Right now, AS is back in Bangladesh to take care of his sickly father. 

When he is able to, he will return to Singapore for work again.

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Inspired by the stories? You can play a part too!
Inspired by the stories? You can play a part too!
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