SC’s Story

Leaving behind his family, SC came over to Singapore hoping for a better lifestyle for his family. He heard of this prospect through employment agencies. He had hopes of opening a business in the future and lead a simple, happy life.

Unfortunately, in September 2018, SC injured the nerve of his index finger while using a cylindrical grinder.

One of our HealthServe staff met SC in church and brought him over to HealthServe. HealthServe assisted him to get the relevant documents for submission to get his compensation and accompanied him to some of his medical appointments. Just this month, his case was resolved, and he flew back to China. On top of that, SC is happy to be a benefactor of our social assistance which provided him with MRT top up and meals. He enjoyed the sense of community he found in HealthServe and often participate in our outings such as boardwalks and karaoke sessions.

Without HealthServe , SC felt that he would be helpless.

We are thankful that HealthServe was able to provide the necessary social assistance and companionship for SC and we wish him the best back in China!

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