Wei’s Story


I came to Singapore with hopes of paying off my debts. I worked hard for 2 months and unfortunately suffered from a work injury. I was hospitalized for 30 days as I injured my head and legs, even my hearing and vision were affected. I was unable to get my compensation. The pain resulted in sleepless nights and depression. I decided to approach the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for help. Little did I know that upon informing MOM of my situation, my employer hired people to beat me up and threaten me.

It was then that I found HeathServe. I am grateful for HealthServe because they provided me with food, shelter and genuine care. I found a community of brothers in the same situation as me. I slowly stepped out of depression because of the supportive community at HealthServe. I felt the warmth of a family even though I’m miles away from home. If I had not found HealthServe, I would not have had the courage and positivity to continue leading life with hope. Now I will be going home and I will always remember the people who have helped me in HealthServe.

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