Research & Publications

Education, research and advocacy help us to support our migrants better through raising awareness and increasing understanding of the problems and issues they face. Our research informs our advocacy efforts. We welcome academics, researchers, and students to conduct research projects in collaboration with HealthServe.

HealthServe hosts a number of interns from schools in Singapore and abroad. We also run a selective course through NUS Yong Lin Loo School of Medicine.

6 Weeks at HealthServe
by Sarah Tan Yingli & Kai Yuan Tey
This report was published in Vector, the Australian Medical Students' Association's official global health journal. You can read the full publication here.
Healthcare-seeking behaviour, barriers and mental health of non-domestic migrant workers in Singapore
by Jia Wei Ang, Colin Chia, Calvin J Koh, Brandon W B Chua, Shyamala Narayanaswamy, Limin Wijaya, Lai Gwen Chan, Wei Leong Goh, Shawn Vasoo
健康是本: health is my capital: a qualitative study of access to healthcare by Chinese migrants in Singapore
by Wai Jia Tam, Wei Leong Goh, Jeffrey Chua and Helena Legido-Quigley
Practical Advice for Doctors Treating Foreign Workers
by Dr Joanna Chan and Dr Dennis Chia
Food Insecurity and Health of Bangladeshi Workers in Singapore: A Culture-Centered Study
by Mohan J. Dutta
Risky Business: Death & Injury on Singapore's Construction Sites
by Stephanie Chok
Health-Seeking Behaviour of Male Foreign Migrant Workers Living in a Dormitory in Singapore
by Weixian Lee et al
Healthcare Seeking Behavior of Migrant Workers in Singapore
by Ashvin S/O Vardza Raju et al
Trading off Health for Wealth: Assessing the Health and Vulnerability of Low Wage Foreign Workers to HIV/STD Infection in Singapore
by Peter Hsu and Ranajit Dastidar