If you are donating through PayNow/ Cheque/ Bank Transfer, please help us go paperless and keep track of your donation by filling out the online form below with your transfer/cheque details if you’d like to receive a tax deduction or keep in touch.

Donate through PayNow

  1. Use your iBanking app to scan the QR code on this page or PayNow to UEN 200615440H

  2. In the UEN Bill/Reference Number please write: DONATION and IC number/Fin or company registration number.

Internet Transfer/Cheque Details

Please make Cheques payable to HealthServe Ltd
Mailed to: Healthserve Ltd, Geylang Post Office, PO Box 057, Singapore 913802

Bank Transfer to our DBS account:
Healthserve Ltd
Account No – 033901887-2
Bank – 7171
Branch – 033