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Migrant Health Relief Fund (MHR fund)

More than $250,000 donated to our Fund. Thank you everyone!

A designated fund set up on 12th March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore to support HealthServe driven initiatives and low wage or disadvantaged migrant communities. Funds that remain unused during the COVID-19 Public Health emergency will be utilized for future public health emergencies and outbreaks according to the objectives below.

Low wage or disadvantaged migrant communities includes but is not limited to:

  • Work permit holders

  • S-Pass holders

  • Special Pass holders


  1. Relief and Support
    To provide relief and support to the wellbeing of low wage or disadvantaged migrants in Singapore and their families who are directly and indirectly affected by COVID-19 and future public health emergencies or outbreaks. E.g. Migrants who are: confirmed cases, placed under quarantine orders, in ICU or who need further follow up care after recovery.

  2. Intervention Services
    To support HealthServe with material and financial support to cover unbudgeted operational upgrades, structural impact, increases in client/patient visits, supply usage, staff costs and additional resources incurred during times of public health emergencies and outbreaks. e.g Telehealth

  3. Outbreak Prevention and Awareness
    To support preventive measures and build awareness amongst the migrant worker community in response to public health emergencies and outbreaks.


  • HealthServe will not use these funds to pay the salaries of any existing staff members or any other previously budgeted expense because that is why we raise general funds.

  • HealthServe understands that designated funds are designated funds – we will honor that restriction and use the money only to pay for unbudgeted expenses and grants related to COVID-19 and other public health emergencies and outbreaks.


Objective met : Intervention Services

We are looking to pivot and re-establish our doctor consultation capabilities via the use of a telemedicine platform – the first in HealthServe history and in Singapore. Allowing for willing volunteers to still contribute to the mission of caring for marginalised migrant worker community, within the “new norm” of post-covid19.

It is the intention of Healthserve to deploy a hybrid telemedicine service that falls within the Telecollaboration domain, provisioned via our 3 existing clinic premises registered under MoH’s PHMC licensing framework.

We hope to open up our Jurong and Mandai clinics again in the coming weeks with telehealth services after upgrading our hardware and software across all our clinics.

Resources needed (for 1 year):

  • 10 new laptops with minimum specs: Intel i5/ 8 GB RAM/ Video conferencing camera/ SATA HDD/ Warranty.
  • 6 printers and cartridges
  • 5 Android Tablets
  • Upgrading of WIFI infrastructure
  • Ad hoc technical support and installation services for 1 year
  • Licensing and software

Expected Funds needed: $25,000

Objective met : Prevention and Awareness

Special Pass holders in Singapore are not allowed to work while waiting for their salary/injury case to be resolved. They make up most of the beneficiaries that are registered with HealthServe’s Casework and Social Services. As there are many other initiatives going on to give out healthcare packs to migrant workers in their dormitories or worksites who are still able to work, there are currently no giveaways that address the Special Pass holder migrant community specifically who are already disadvantaged because of their residency status.

Each healthcare pack contains a bath towel, surgical masks, antibacterial soap, handwash, hand sanitiser and an IDD calling card. These items were collated from many donors without whom this would not have been possible. We would like to express our gratitude to the Migrant Health Relief Fund donors (for purchase of soap and bags), Temasek Foundation (providing hand sanitisers), IKEA (providing bath towels), and various donors who gave thousands of surgical masks to us.

UPDATE – 7th April 2020
HealthServe has packed 1500 healthcare bags to give out and have currently given out almost 500 bags. We are exploring distributing the bags to other NGOS and also to our partners. We will also give to patients at our clinics in need.


Financial Assistance for Migrant Workers during circuit breaker period *NEW*

Objective met: Relief and Support

Due to Singapore’s “circuit breaker” measures introduced from 7th April to 4th May, HealthServe had to close its food projects in Geylang and Jalan Besar. These food projects support more than 100 workers daily, majority of whom are Special Pass holders unable to work because they are injured or on salary cases.

To ensure that our clients and other Special Pass holders without support are able to survive through the next few weeks, HealthServe is giving financial aid to migrant workers on Special Pass to buy meals daily for themselves in the coming weeks. We started on 6th April and as of 9th April have given out more than $25,900+ to over 370 migrant workers on Special Pass.


The funds raised would also be used to support the following areas:

  • Support for migrant workers serving quarantine order or LOAs.

  • Follow up support for confirmed cases of migrant workers especially those who need additional care after recovering.

  • Telecounselling services for migrant workers who may be dealing with anxiety/fear during times of Public Health Emergencies/Outbreaks.

  • Working with employers for awareness talks and focus groups to answer questions and alleviate fears.