Interns at HealthServe will engage face to face with the (often times invisible) migrant worker community in Singapore, gaining a deeper understanding of their challenges, aspirations, and dreams. The work culture here is supportive and integrated – interns must be flexible and be willing to lend a helping hand wherever necessary.

We may not be able to accommodate your preferred Internship choice, however for any last minute changes please check our Facebook channel for the most recent updates on Internship positions available! Those who are able to commit longer term will be prioritized.

Please read first:

  • Interns are accepted on a rolling basis so please apply early.
  • Read through the department information and availability below first before applying.
  • Internship applications are accepted up to a maximum of 6 months in advance. If you apply earlier your application will not be processed.
  • Interns who are able to commit longer than the minimum requirement will be prioritised.
  • All accepted interns are expected to go through orientation, attend a weekly interns gathering and study all preparation materials given.
  • If you have any questions about our internship programme, please email [email protected]

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older at the start of the program

  • Able to commit to the full working hours and period of the program. If you need to take leave during the internship period please tell us in your application.

  • A minimum of 6 weeks commitment is required for all our internships. However during the months of June/July/August/September a minimum of 8 weeks commitment is required.

What we are looking for in an intern

  • Have an interest in learning more about the rights of migrant workers in Singapore

  • A willing heart to assist in our centres/clinics wherever necessary

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • Flexible and able to go with the flow – the office can have extremely hectic and extremely slow moments

  • Detail orientated

  • Committed and hardworking

  • Language skills (especially Tamil, Bengali, or Mandarin) a benefit, but not required

“HealthServe is an excellent place to intern because of the wide array of opportunities to mingle and build relationships with migrant workers. What makes HealthServe stands out is that the staff are extremely enthusiastic about helping every intern in reaching his/her goal at the organization. The focus on personal development of the interns make HealthServe a special place to intern at.”

— Wayne, Casework Intern, Summer 2018


Maximum internships available each month: 5

This program is designed for medical, dental, pharmacy, and other health professions students to learn from and contribute to our clinic. We accept applicants on a rolling basis and require a minimum continuous commitment of 6 weeks. Longer internship periods of up to 12 weeks are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Note that this attachment focuses on facility management for health service delivery. This is not a clinical/medical posting.

Interns have the opportunity to serve with one of the few clinics in Singapore focused on migrant workers. Duties involve all aspects of the clinic:

  • Clinic operations both during and outside of clinic hours – E.g. registering, measuring vital signs, assisting in medical consultations; organising medications; coordinating care through scheduling and calling to confirm appointments, and accompanying patients to hospital appointments

  • HealthServe-wide and Clinical Team projects – E.g. operational, quality improvement, and research

  • Other tasks as needed

Typical working hours are as below. Operational exigencies may require additional time. As our clinic serves migrant workers, operations are mainly after office hours. One morning a week for outside referrals, as needed. Our clinic is located at Geylang.

  • Monday 10am – 6pm
  • Tuesday 2.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Wednesday 2.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Thursday 2.30pm – 10.30pm
  • Friday 10am – 6pm


“I liked being able to take on the role of a leader when needed during clinic hours but also being able to play my part in the clinic team to ensure everything ran smoothly. I was given many chances to gain clinical experience through working with the doctors either as a scribe or as an assistant. I was also given the chance to get further insight into the role of a dentist as I helped as a dental assistant on one clinic day.”

— Fatema, Medical Services Intern, Summer 2018


Maximum internships available each month: 2

This internship is suitable for those who have an interest in events, media, communications, management, journalism, design, marketing, PR, community work and story writing. Interns will have the opportunity to work in collaboration with various departments in HealthServe and be exposed to a range of HealthServe’s activities, cases and community partnerships. Due to the community interaction involved, Interns must commit to a minimum of 8 weeks, although applicants who can commit to 8 weeks or longer will be prioritised. You must commit to the following work hours: Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm.

You must have your own laptop and be prepared to travel between our centres. Photography/Video Production and design skills is a plus. If you are interested in applying please upload a link or document with a portfolio of your writings/design/video/photography work to the internship application form.

  • Attend and participate in HealthServe’s internal and external partner events, outings and activities to take photos/videos and write up briefs.

  • Collect stories, images and news from across HealthServe’s community through interviews, visits and surveys with migrants, volunteers, interns and staff.

  • Assist in ideating, creating content and executing special projects for HealthServe’s various communication channels and social media campaigns.

  • Help to plan and execute engagement activities and events to grow and develop HealthServe’s community of volunteers, donors and partners.

“I really value the unexpected opportunity to be a Communications intern as I feel that this would not have been something I would have applied for based on my “skill set” having no prior experience in this area! It allowed me to explore things that I enjoy doing such as writing, taking photos and collecting people’s stories and made me more confident in my communicating skills! I am very thankful to have been able to interact with migrant workers from different cultures and backgrounds and this has been a huge learning experience.”

— Kellerine, Communications Intern, Summer 2018

Natalie interned with HealthServe as a Communications and Engagement Intern in the summer of 2019.

Watch her vlog to get a glimpse of her experience with us!


Maximum internships available each month: 2

This program is suitable for psychology, social work, counselling, sociology and liberal arts students. Interns must commit to a minimum of 6 weeks, applicants who can commit longer will be prioritised. 

Work hours are as follows: Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm

  •  Attend to Clients coming for mental health services (e.g. group work) or counselling services.
  • Provide support for mental health engagements (e.g. group work activities, onsite workshops etc.)
  • Comfortable in engaging migrant workers either on a one-to-one basis or in a small group setting
  • Training would be provided for the different functions that Interns would be supporting the team with.
  •  Additional Benefit: Background in research would be beneficial to assist with research projects.
“I really liked the work culture at HealthServe. I think the staff team genuinely cares about the interns and wants us to make the most out of our experience. They let us learn at our own pace, and we were given enough room to explore too.”
— Shi Hui, Casework Intern Summer 2018


Maximum internships available each month: 3

This program is suitable for psychology, social work, and liberal arts students. Interns must commit to a minimum of 8 weeks, applicants who can commit longer will be prioritised. Work hours are as follows: Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm

  • Attend to drop-in migrants and detail their WICA/non-WICA cases (training will be provided)

  • Follow-up with cases as necessary. Follow-up may include accompanying migrants to the ICA, MOM, hospitals, their employer’s offices and in addition facilitate outings.

  • Assist in the operations of the Geylang/Desker Food Project, a daily free meal program for injured and out-of-work migrant workers

  • Assist with the MRT top-up program and emergency shelter, as needed

Have you read through all the required information below and our FAQ?

Frequently Asked Questions

Internships are not paid however a monthly allowance of $200 will be given to interns who commit to the minimum time period stated for each internship. You must complete your internship to receive your monthly allowance. Please note that non-residents of Singapore do not qualify for our monthly allowance.

Please state your educational background, language proficiency, any relevant skill sets, previous volunteering/work experience.

If you are able to get a sponsorship from your University/College to cover your allowances, flights and stay in Singapore we would love to have you. However, unfortunately we cannot help with sponsoring any visas and interns who are not residents of Singapore are not qualified to receive our monthly allowance.

Please answer the following questions in your cover letter:

  • Why do you want to do this internship with HealthServe?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you expect to learn and how do you think you can contribute?

CV and cover letters can only be uploaded in pdf and doc/docx. PDF is preferable. Profile pictures can be uploaded in jpeg, png, gif format and should not be larger than 500kb/0.5MB.

We encourage interns to dress appropriately and modestly during their internship as we are a mixed community of cultures. Formal wear is not required however please refrain from bearing too much of your mid-rift, wearing short shorts/skirts and spaghetti straps. Those working in the clinics are encouraged to wear covered shoes.

Interns need to be 18 years old and above upon the start of their internship in order to intern in any of our departments.

Healthserve works on a relational framework where we encourage you to build friendships with them first and through that friendship you may ask them for permission. Photos should only be taken with consent from both parties.