Caring Cards

Creating conversations for healthy minds

 When was the last time you had a thoughtful conversation with someone you cared about?

As a small non-profit organisation that is big on holistic health, we recognise the impact social connection (or the lack thereof) can have on one’s mental wellbeing. This is even more pertinent in today’s post-pandemic world.

That’s why we created Caring Cards. We want to start conversations with a disadvantaged community we care about, who often has few words, but many thoughts; whose mental health has been strained in the past two years. They are the silent heroes in our midst – our migrant worker community in Singapore, 

Who are Caring Cards meant for?

While we designed Caring Cards with our migrant brothers in mind, you are more than welcome to use them in your conversations with others regarding mental health and wellbeing.

Remember to show CARE:

Keep private what someone has shared with you, unless it may cause harm to self / others.

Be aware that everyone experiences different problems and has different ways of coping with them.

Respect the other person’s sharing and feelings by providing them a safe space to express themselves.

Show empathy by listening attentively and seek to accept and understand the other person’s perspective, without judgment.

Friendly Reminder!

While well-intended, the use of Caring Cards to drive conversations on mental health is NOT meant to replace professional counselling or mental health assessments. Kindly seek professional advice if in doubt, or in need of further support.

If you or your friends are seeking assistance for migrant workers, please reach out to the friendly HealthServe team at 3129-5000 (24-hour helpline).

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Are you a migrant worker who would like to talk to someone? 

You can either:

  • Call our 24-hour helpline: +65 3129 5000 OR
  • Sign up to speak to someone here.
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Got a question?

  • Can I only use these cards with migrant brothers?
    While designed with our migrant brothers in mind, you are more than welcome to use them in your conversation with others regarding mental health and wellbeing.
  • How many cards should I use?
    It is up to you. Use as many or as few as you want!
  • Why are the central characters in the cards male individuals?
    HealthServe created these for the migrant worker community we serve, who are predominantly males.
  • What should I do if I find out that the person I am talking to is undergoing psychological distress?
    If the individual is a migrant worker, you may either
    1. Call our 24-hour helpline: 3129-5000; or
    2. Sign up for counselling here.

    If the individual is NOT a migrant worker, you can seek appropriate help here.

  • Can I use these cards to diagnose someone with mental health disorders?
    No, please refrain from making professional assessments if you are not a certified mental health professional. Do approach a professional for a proper assessment if needed.


HealthServe would like to acknowledge the following contributing individuals and organisations, without whom this initiative would not have been possible. Thank you for your generous support and selfless commitment towards providing healing and hope to our migrant worker community in Singapore.

  • Our migrant friends, for their valuable sharing during our field surveys that aided our curation of Caring Cards.
  • HealthServe’s volunteers and interns, for supporting this project in close partnership with our Mental Health & Counselling Services team.
  • Dr Chan Lai Gwen, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, and HealthServe’s Board Member, for her guidance on this project.