Jeffrey Chua – Wanbao Hao Ren Feature 3rd November 2018

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In our everyday lives, acts of kindness are in abundance although they may seem hidden.

It was an honor to have two people from our community featured in Lianhe Wanbao under the third series of “Good People, Good Deeds and Good Rice”.

This campaign by Lianhe Wanbao and Song He Rice Company, was run to show appreciation for acts of kindness done by individuals. Song He Rice Company would then donate rice and oil to the individuals’ organisation of choice.

HealthServe’s Head of Casework and Social Assistance, Jeffrey Chua was highlighted because of his work in HealthServe with the migrants who come to us.

Here’s an English Translation of the article:

Jeffrey Chua is the head of Casework and Social Assistance in HealthServe. He treats the migrant workers as friends, rather than “cases” at work. There was an instance in which an Indian migrant worker encountered a workplace injury, resulting in paralysis. On his day of repatriation, however, the worker experienced high fever. Despite that, his employer insisted on sending X back to India on that very day.

After Jeffrey came to know about the situation, he rushed to the airport at 2 a.m. to ensure that X received proper medical treatment before being sent home. Upon Jeffrey’s arrival, he found X in a state of coma, where he could only lie on the ground. How would X be able to endure a long-haul flight? Furthermore, his flight was on a budget airline with a 3 hours layover in Chennai.

Jeffrey, who is familiar with the laws under Ministry of Manpower, negotiated with the employer to arrange for X to return home on another day instead. He persuaded the employer to send X to the hospital for further examination. After the examination, the employer was instructed by the doctor to purchase 3 seats on the plane so that X can lie down on the flight, while being accompanied by a private nurse.

Through Jeffrey’s advocacy for the welfare of migrant workers they are able to obtain work-injury compensation, or return home smoothly. Jeffrey says “I feel very emotional upon learning about the mistreatment of migrant workers. It gives me the motivation to continue helping them. Be it in assisting with the rescheduling of hospital appointments or in their negotiations with MOM or their employer, I will do it as long as it is within my capacity.”

Raising funds for a migrant friend with cancer

Jeffrey began volunteering with HealthServe since 2010 while working as a manager in an IT company. In the following year, he willingly took a paycut and joined HealthServe as a full-time employee.

Presently, Jeffrey has helped countless of migrant workers, and remains in contact with approximately 200 Chinese migrant brothers. He continues to care for them even after they have returned home. Twice a year, Jeffrey would travel to China to reconnect with the migrant workers he’s befriended. Every trip he would meet up with approximately 30 of them.

When he meets migrant brothers in dire health conditions, Jeffrey would sometimes take the initiative to raise funds for them. He would then personally fly to their home country to hand them the funds raised. There was an instance in which Jeffrey raised $10,000 for a migrant brother who was diagnosed with throat cancer in order to support his family of 4 children. Jeffrey also visited him twice in China to support him through these hard times.

500kg of rice and 60 litres of canola oil was donated to Care Corner Singapore Ltd

In commendation for Jeffrey’s acts of kindness, Song He Rice Company will be donating 500 kilograms of rice and 60 litres of Canola oil to Jeffrey’s organisation of choice – Care Corner Singapore Ltd. The organisation was founded in 1981. With 32 centres in Singapore, it provides assistance to 14,500 less-privileged individuals including the elderly, teenagers and children.


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