HealthServe and Dr Goh Wei Leong Awarded Singaporean of the Year


Dear friend,

Last year, HealthServe celebrated its 10-year anniversary. We entered 2018 with much anticipation and excitement for what this next decade would bring. Although we had many dreams both big and small, little could we have foreseen being awarded 2017 Singaporean of the Year. What a surreal and humbling experience this has been.

I have had many thoughts about what this award means. Two emotions stand out the clearest. The first is hope. When I co-founded HealthServe over ten years ago, migrant worker issues were often at best met with confusion and at worst met with disdain. Today, the Singaporean public and a diverse group of judges have placed migrant worker issues in the limelight.  Singaporeans have said loud and clear that they care about the dignity and wellbeing of the migrant workers who have built our nation. What a tremendous encouragement that is to us.

Secondly, I am filled with gratitude. It is amazing and wonderful that 2017’s Singaporean of the Year was awarded to an organization, not only to an individual. It was awarded to a movement, a vision, a tightknit community, to all of us at HealthServe, including you. Thank you for playing your part in this award. We could not have done it without you.

We ask for your continued support as we navigate this new season with its many opportunities and challenges. Thank you once again, and congratulations to you as well for winning this award with us!

Dr Goh Wei Leong
Chairman & Co-Founder




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