Meet Our New Staff!

HealthServe’s work is ever expanding which means our team has expanded as well to keep up with the work. Meet our three new team members who have joined our team this year.

Willy Lau
Volunteer Development Manager
Joined: January 2017

Willy was on an epic backpacking overland trip with his daughter in China when Dr Goh called to offer him a volunteer development manager job with HealthServe. He was sending too many volunteers to Healthserve when he was working as a youth executive at the Presbyterian Synod that Dr Goh invited him to come onto the other side of the ‘fence’. Working with youths and young adults for the past 12 years, he continues to be passionate in guiding the young people into the world of the ‘hidden communities’ in Singapore. As a chemist previously as well, he now enjoys new ‘experiments’ of colliding the world of Singaporeans and the world of the migrant workers as they form new reactions. He continues to observe, analyze and come up with new theses but this time, it’s no longer in the laboratory but the human lab.

He’s happily married with three young kids and has a 16 year old Dalmatian named Choobi.

Kay Thomas
Jalan Papan Clinic Manager
Joined: March 2017

Kay joined HealthServe as volunteer in January after relocating to Singapore from the UK with her husband. She is an experienced public health professional with a successful background working on health policy and managing national programmes for the British government. Prior to moving to Singapore, Kay had been volunteering as a First Aider in a refugee camp in Calais (France), where she become very passionate about reducing the inequalities of for healthcare for migrating populations. During her undergraduate degree, Kay was fortunate to spend some time in Bangladesh with Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Laureates) and learn about the Grameen model of social business. Her studies in Social Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine help her to bring an academic perspective to her work with the migrant workers.

Kay loves spending time outdoors and for her honeymoon, she and her husband cycled round the Scottish highlands and islands.

Yvonne Loo
Case worker
Joined: May 2017

Yvonne’s entry to Healthserve was driven by her passion for people. Yvonne is a College of Alice and Peter Tan alumnus, where she and her peers pursued community engagement ideals. She has just completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology with National University of Singapore, and had ‘multiplied time’ in the interim for volunteering opportunities with diverse communities, as well as community-based research.

Her understanding of humans as relational beings continue to evolve and shape her appreciation of team effort. She ferrets out unquestioned assumptions that lurk beneath needs and service. To begin: How often do you encounter the “Why” and the “We” in your understanding of migrant communities or Healthserve?

Yvonne loves cloud-watching and unprocessed food. Give her a buzz if you are also a professional bookworm!


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