JAHOC: How did it all begin?

What would a celebratory fundraising event that embodies the spirit of HealthServe look like? Just A Handful Of Coins (JAHOC) was conceived to celebrate kindness, people and a community of equals; that in so doing, the members of this community will give, out of what they have.

The modus operandi of JAHOC was to get people to set aside their loose change daily, however much or little, come together at a carnival and meet with others in this community. This, we achieved by making everything at the carnival free; instead, the only currency was life stories. We saw Singaporeans, PRCs, Bangladeshis, Indians, Myanmese, Chinese, Malays, and Indians; doctors, homemakers, students, labourers, pastors, lawyers, and sex workers; the young and the old. It was truly a celebration of diverse equals and an intersection of lives.

JAHOC was also a leap of faith. We had no idea whether we could raise enough money to more than cover the costs but at least meet the statutory requirement of 70 per cent of monies raised for the charitable cause. We are glad that we have raised more than what was required. Through the process, many new volunteers and people have come to know and experience the spirit of HealthServe, the spirit of JAHOC; that truly, small change can build deep community.

~ Ronald Wong


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