Just A Handful of Coins

What Is This?

It is a celebration of people of various nationalities, races, ages, languages and occupations coming together to feast around the same table.

Imagine every individual bringing their coin banks, pouring out all that they have saved for months, that others may be blessed, that they too be blessed.

This movement encourages everyone to bring change and celebrate community with ‘Just A Handful Of Coins’.

Every person who commits to this movement would daily set aside their loose change. The culmination of this commitment would be a celebration festival in August 2013.

Migrants and locals.
Male and female.
Young and old.
Construction worker and lawyer.
Market place worker and housemaker.

There will be sharing of food and stories, photos and lives.

The monetary collection will be a display of how our small contributions can be multiplied to much more.

Funds raised will go towards covering HealthServe’s operational costs which amount to about half of $1 million every year.

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