Dr Goh Wei-Leong
Chairman & Co-Founder

Dr Goh is a general practitioner who co-founded and chairs HealthServe.
He is also one of the founders of Linking Hands, a platform that establishes a membership database of voluntary medical professional healthcare workers, and partners them with international healthcare and humanitarian agencies. Apart from volunteering with the Muhammadiyah Welfare Home and Operation Mobilisation in East Asia Pacific (Relief and Development), Dr Goh is also the chairman of Operation Mobilisation's ministry - Mercy Teams International. For his contribution to humanitarian work and social service, Dr Goh was awarded the Healthcare Humanity Awards in 2015 and SMA Merit Award in 2018. Together, HealthServe and Dr Goh were awarded The Straits Times Singaporean of the Year in 2017.

He keeps a regular rhythm of rest, reflection and work and thoroughly enjoys engaging millennials over a good cappuccino.


Board of Directors

Chan Chia Lin
Fund Raising Committee Chairman

Director, Holywell Private Limited

Chan Kum Kit
Finance Committee Chairman

Managing Partner, Verity Partners

Matthew Saw
HR Committee Chairman

Partner, Lee and Lee

Dr Calvin Chong
Service Committee (Non-Medical) Chairman

Associate Professor, Singapore Bible College

Susan Kong
Audit Committee Chairman

Director, Q.E.D. Law Corporation

Dr Jeremy Lim
Service Committee (Medical) Chairman

Partner, Oliver Wyman Singapore


Management and Staff


Michael Cheah
Executive Director

Michael joined HealthServe in 2018 after regularly serving as a volunteer since 2014. Prior to coming on board at HealthServe, he worked as the Regional Sales Director in a Singapore IT company. 
He has also served as the Head of Operations and Strategic Development for a non-profit organisation and has lived and worked in Germany and the U.K. Michael is passionate about working with migrant workers and marginalised communities.
He hopes to bring healing and hope to those in need as he leads the staff here at HealthServe.

In his free time he can be found either on the golf course or enjoying a bucket of fried chicken in KFC.
Ps. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast.

Raj -hs.jpg

Rajaraman Natarajan
Head of Medical Services

Dr. Natarajan Rajaraman (Raj) joined HealthServe in February 2018 and oversees operations of the medical and dental clinics, as well as the development of community-based health programmes, research, education, and health-related external collaborations. Raj has a background in medicine, global public health, and education. His specific interests are in the health of vulnerable populations and post-conflict health systems strengthening through training healthcare workers and improving quality of healthcare facilities. He has previously served in Sierra Leone and Timor-Leste.
Raj enjoys reading and movies. Raj loves cats. And motorcycles. But not cats on motorcycles


Suwen Low
Head of Communications and Engagement

Suwen carries a range of skill sets gathered from social entrepreneurship, artist management, events and NGO work. She was selected to be one of a handful of Malaysian representatives for Microsoft’s first ever Asia-Pacific Innovate For Good Conference and has been a facilitator and mentor for various social business/tech events. She believes in building bridges across different communities and working out solutions for long-term sustainable development.

Trained as a Fine Artist in Central Saint Martins, she is a photographer and painter, recently holding her first solo exhibition of paintings inspired by her time volunteering in Africa.


Cynthia Chia
Executive Assistant

Cynthia brings years of experience from working in a variety of roles in both MNCs and NGOs. She has previously worked as a youth worker, administrator, and was an executive assistant at an NGO before joining HealthServe in 2019. She regularly makes trips to Cambodia and Thailand to volunteer with organisations working amongst children and youths.

In her spare time she enjoys brisk walking, nature walks/hikes and lazy afternoons catching up with friends over a cuppa in tranquil surroundings. 


Justin Paul
Mental Health Program Manager

Justin joined HealthServe in May 2019 after switching to Social Work in 2009. He is also currently an Associate at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) with the Bachelor of Social Work (Part-time). Graduating with a Masters in Community Leadership and Social Development, Justin continues to strive towards improving society around him.

Justin is greatly blessed to have a wonderful wife (who is also a social worker) and a dog (who is teaching him the finer arts of relaxation techniques).


Timothy Cheong
Casework and Social Services

An IT graduate who enjoys talking to people rather than computers, Tim decided to leave the computer industry to work for Healthserve in 2014 after he and his wife had already volunteered for several years. A man with many interests and heart for different causes, he is involved with various volunteering and training projects locally and overseas including Malaysia, China and Thailand.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games, reading and taking nature walks as well as performing as an Elvis Tribute Artist in locations around Singapore including Hard Rock Cafe!


Jeffrey Chua
Head of Casework & Social Services

Jeffrey began his journey with HealthServe since 2010 as a volunteer helping to organise events for migrant workers. This has been a fruitful change from working with machines to being relational due to his regular interaction with the many migrants he meets every day at work. He graduated with a Masters in Social Work from the Singapore University of Social Sciences.

He has made many visits to China and keeps in touch with the many beneficiaries who have been through HealthServe’s door. Besides his love for China and coffee, he has had many experiences including performing in the opera chorus on the Esplanade stage several times!


Samuel Lim
Community Development Executive

A memorable experience as a former volunteer during his undergraduate days prompted Samuel to join the staff team years later. He brings with him experience from the social service sector in corporate communications and marketing, events and volunteer management and has a desire to bridge HealthServe’s community through meaningful relationships. 

In his free time he watches TED talks/Travel documentaries, enjoys listening to music and loves to travel as he believes it is an invaluable way for him to learn about people and diverse cultures. Having visited small towns and megacities across East Asia, he hopes to travel across South Asia too.


Daniel Li
Clinic Manager

Daniel Li joined HealthServe in 2017, helping in both the Caseworker and Clinic departments of HealthServe.

Previously with Prison Fellowship Singapore he has worked with children and youths of prison inmates. He now adds to his experience working with the foreign worker community in Singapore.

Daniel is also an Audio Engineer, who dreams of owning his own home studio one day.


Daniel Yeo
Casework and Social Services

Serving as an Intern (for a year) in HealthServe in 2015, Daniel Yeo decided to explore the 'depths and breath' of migrant work when an opening was available in 2016.

He has worked with a para-church organisation in the past and has a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry from a local theological college.

His passion is in photography and has been sharpening his craft for 25 over years as an amateur and professional.


Sudipta Biswas
Casework and Social Services

Sudipta joined the HealthServe team in March 2018 as a Caseworker. She has experience working among women and children while she was with an NGO in India.

She has a Masters degree in counselling from the Singapore Bible College. Her native tongue is Bengali, which helps her in her work at HealthServe among the migrant workers, particularly those from Bangladesh. She is interested in learning about, and interacting with those from other cultures.

She regularly stays active with her 3 children and loves animals especially dogs!


Daniel Loo
Head of Finance and Operations

Daniel joined HealthServe in January 2019.
Trained as an accountant, he was with a MNC for over 30 years, holding various Finance responsibilities.

Prior to joining HealthServe, he spent a short stint with a VWO helping children break out of the cycle of poverty through education.

Besides his passion for helping the needy, underprivileged and marginalised, he exercises regularly to stay fit and hopes to be successful at growing his own chilli plants!


Vina Siew
Finance Assistant

Holding an impressive 40 years of professional experience ranging from sales to teaching, administrative and accounts, Vina joined HealthServe in 2010. She has found the last 8 years with HealthServe the most fulfilling as she is given the opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless and to bring comfort to the downtrodden.

Though she finds her job satisfying she believes in a balance between work and play therefore she uses her free time to dance to country music (and intends to keep this going for as long as she can!) and having fun with her young granddaughter!


Janna Rose Beñares
Clinic Manager

Upon graduation from the University of Visayas in the Philippines, Janna has gained most of her public health experience by working in Community Health Centres. She moved on to working as a satellite treatment centre nurse for multi drug resistant TB patients. 

She joined HealthServe previously as a Clinic Manager and after a brief stint away returned in 2018. What she finds most fulfilling is the ability to form relationships with the people she meets and to see her patients happy and recovered. Outside of HealthServe, she enjoys biking with her beloved husband around the major landmarks of Singapore.


Yvonne Loo
Casework and Social Services

Having been pruned and mentored during a decade-long commitment to competitive team sports, Yvonne maintains team values such as common focus, mutual encouragement and tenacity. She has also been schooled in psychology, community leadership and public health. 

She enjoys de-cluttering, taking walks, and sharing quotes. Here's one: "The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison." - J. C. Penney 


Peterson Lee
Casework and Social Services

Peterson joined Healthserve in July 2018. He has a number of years working in different industries. He has implemented Supply Chain Application Systems and Manufacturing Operations Improvement Programs in Asia Pacific. A fan of motorcycles in his younger days, he also likes to go fishing to relax.

One of his goals is to play a part in helping the less fortunate and those marginalised by society. He has served as a volunteer with a Halfway house for more than ten years. He also enjoys going abroad to other Southeast Asian countries to volunteer on various projects.