Cheques can be mailed to:

HealthServe Limited
Geylang Post Office
PO Box 057
Singapore 913802

HealthServe is an IPC-registered charity. Qualified donations to HealthServe in this Jubilee Year will be 300% tax deductible. In addition, your donation will be matched one-for-one by the government under its Care and Share Scheme

2015 has been a very busy and exciting year for us. In addition to our clinics in Geylang and Jurong, we opened a third medical clinic in Mandai and a dental clinic in Geylang. From January to November 2015, we :

  • attended to 3,729 consultations at our clinics which offer GP, occupational therapy, orthopaedic and dermatological medical services
  • assisted 382 workers in workman injury compensation and contractual/salary case management
  • provided social assistance to 416 workers
  • gave out 11,524 free meals

Singapore relies on close to 1,000,000 low wage migrant workers. Many endure poor living conditions, cultural alienation, homesickness, and depression. The more unfortunate sustain worksite injuries without being paid wages while on medical leave or they have their contracts terminated, leaving them with limited access to healthcare and little means to support themselves. 

Jagan*, a construction worker from Tamil Nadu, fell 3m from a ladder on January 15, injured his spinal cord, and was left semi-paralysed from the accident. His employer grossly under-declared his wages, limited his rehabilitation therapy and intended to repatriate him before he was fit to fly. HealthServe visited Jagan in the hospital, lobbied for follow-up medical assessments, provided advice and intermediated for his fair compensation. These efforts paid off and MOM subsequently adjusted his final compensation to 3 times the original amount.  And we didn't stop there: HealthServe also successfully negotiated appropriate travel arrangements home for Jagan.

Thank you for generously spreading joy and hope this Christmas season to migrant workers like Jagan. Your donation will ensure that migrant workers like Jagan are able to live a life of dignity.

For more information, contact Vina Siew at +65 6743 9774 or

*Name changed for privacy